Strip Pickling Plants

Strip Pickling Plant

We manufacture and offer strip pickling plant for stainless steel that are polypropylene tanks. These tanks are utilized for stainless steel and titanium’s strip pickling with blended acids. Plastic tanks have turned into the standard for new shallow, turbulent sort pickling lines and in addition for supplanting customary steel tanks with dunking come in existing lines. We have unique development systems for drawing out the life of polypropylene tanks in the extremely forceful nitric and hydrofluoric acids.

Strip Pickling Tanks

We are offering the strip pickling tank, which are available up to 35mtr length and in different width and significance. These have stack passing on restrict up to 10 tons and have mind blowing destructive and blend resistively. Propel, our range is made of strips and wires pickling, pre and post treatment of iron, stainless steel and non ferrous metals.

Distinctive Components of Strip Pickling Plant
  • High quality galvanizing for any carbon or steel article
  • Galvanizing of the respective article at low cost
  • Absolutely automatic operation of the entire process
  • A strong metallurgical bond that bestows outstanding resistance to any physical damage
  • Uniform surface finish of the zinc coating
  • Zinc coating of the preferred thickness
  • Effective coating on sharp corners, recesses and to all inaccessible areas
  • Safety of galvanizing personnel
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