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Plastic Chemical Storage Tank

Arvind Corrotect is the flourished industry whole way across the global need proper tanks for storage application of chemicals. These are generally in fluid shape and exceptionally hazardous, extremely unstable and in addition destructive in nature. The leakage or spilling of these substances is probably prompt hindering disasters. The probabilities of the remains and threats increment amid their transport or shipment. Subsequently the compartments of these chemicals must be extremely protected, chance free, and also impervious to modern area notwithstanding climate circumstances.

Plastic Chemical Storage Tank

Being customer-centric organization, we are offering Plastic Chemical Storage Tanks that are excellent for the application of storage of highly reactive chemicals and acids. These tanks are comprised of preeminent quality plastic material that is inactive toward chemicals. These are made by methods for the most front line innovation in adherence to the universal quality gauges. These are amazing for capacity and also transportation application as they are planned by our specialists precisely to determine that they don’t spill or leak bringing on any wastage or mishaps or dangers. These are quality checked and additionally confirmed and simple to keep up and introduce. These are absolutely solid and have a decent life expectancy.

Our prestigious tanks are preferred for their applications in the industries including Chemical industries, petrochemical industries, and pharmaceutical industries all over the nation particularly in the cities such as Nagpur, Ankleshwar, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata and even in many other states as well as globally. These Plastic Chemical Storage tanks in India and globally are available at incredible prices.

Distinctive Components of Plastic Chemical Storage Tank
  • Capable to withstand wide temperature range
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Excellent impact resistance 
  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • Robust construction ensures long life expectancy
  • Can be used for storage most of the popular chemicals media
  • Solar and UV resistance
  • Can be installed indoors and outdoors
  • Double wall can be equipped for protection
  • Cylindrical construction does not require metal support
  • Can estimate the tanks longer service life
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