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HDPE Tanks for Acid Storage

Arvind Corrotech is one of the genuine manufacturers and traders of HDPE Tanks for Acid Storage that is reasonable for putting away very destructive chemicals and acids. The tank is made from High Density Polyethylene by the special winding twisting procedure with German innovation. Withstand an extraordinary temperature scope of 40°C to 60°C (HDPE) and up to 100°C (PP). These tanks are made particularly to store different fluids / chemicals for little, medium or extensive scale enterprises till the limits up to 60,000 liters.

HDPE Tanks for Acid Storage

The HDPE Storage Tanks are manufactured utilizing evaluated high thickness polyethylene. These are utilized for transportation of acids, concoction and other destructive substances. Our capacity tanks are generally favored for their consumption safe and spillage confirmation body. Our created tanks are light in weight and simple to transport and introduce. These HDPE tanks for Acid Storage are utilized for capacity of a wide range of risky fluids including fluid cleansers, ferric sulfate, ferric chloride, aluminum sulfate, hydrochloric corrosive, hydrogen peroxide, sulphuric corrosive, nitric corrosive and sodium hypochlorite.

The tanks accessible in a few measurements, these strong tanks are given limits and come with capacity to withstand high temperature. These tanks are in lightweight and end up being a trade for metal tanks. We give backings or segments inside the tanks with thick HDPE plates to maintain a strategic distance from shrinkage of corrosive or synthetic put away in it. We can modify the tank according to clients' prerequisite in various limits. The tank is composed with cone formed finishes. The whole assembling is finished by imported hardware to ensure that the joints are extreme and spillage verification in these tanks.

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