Close Top Storage Tank

We are among the outstanding manufacturers and suppliers of an ideal cluster of Close Top Storage Tank. Corrotect is seamless, one-piece, closed top, vertical storage tanks, that are hugely used for industrial storage purposes, for putting away hazardous, destructive chemicals and different substances that may transmit exhaust or stance different sorts of risks to specialists' wellbeing. Our tanks are manufactured using the high grade HDPE or XHDPE / XLPE polyethylene; our strong tanks are in truth sufficiently intense to oppose compound disintegration far and away superior to gentle steel, stainless steel or FDP.

Water and Plastic Storage Tanks

Our storage tanks are mainly used in different industries such as food, chemical, oil, etc. for storing liquids. Generally experienced group of specialists is included in assembling and quality inspects procedures of the given tanks. Likewise, our offered grouping of close top storage tank is broadly recognized for its exceptional components, for example, ideal elasticity, simple establishment and dimensional exactness. These one-piece tanks are to a great degree tough, sturdy and settled against harm by the sun's bright radiation. They are additionally intended to oppose low temperature effects as are perfect for frosty storage zones. Close top Storage tanks are exceptionally planned tanks to store any fluid type of chemicals in a release and spill evidence way. These tanks are utilized for capacity and Process of substance and corrosive.

Distinctive Components of Close Top Storage Tank
  • Designed to prevent cent percent leakage, seepage or overflowing.
  • Risk-free storage system
  • Hard-wearing
  • Light weighted yet sturdy
  • Least maintenance needed
  • Available at reasonable prices
  • Best post-sales-service
  • Resistant to corrosive & hazardous caustic, acidic chemicals at any temperature and pressure
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