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Chemical Storage Tanks

Chemical Storage tanks are uniquely planned tanks to store any fluid type of chemicals in a release and spill verification way. These tanks are perfect for static storage, transportation and also sending. Our great tanks are exceptionally hearty, impervious to consumption and perilous burning and acidic chemicals at any temperature and weight. These tanks represent no risks of contamination, pollution, risky mishaps on account of spillage, leakage or flooding, on account of their skillful outline.

Horizontal Chemical Storage Tanks

Our tanks require unimportant upkeep and are vey sensibly valued. These tanks are manufactured with premium quality crude material, acquired from solid merchants and created with the most recent generation strategy accessible in the market. They are prevalently utilized as a part of the enterprises, agricultural field, vehicle support operations, sending and also oil handling ventures. We are likewise first maker of the world to present butt combination welding procedure for the manufacture of the capacity tanks.

Our offered tanks work with this strategy is accessible with bended corners, which guarantees 100% airtight longer working life. With a sharp concentrate on central parts of preparing and manufacturing the chemical storage tanks, we have developed the outlining course at its perfection. Monitoring the elements of the items, we convey dependable and solid nature of the items. We put our heart to display the largest amount of answers for meet each level of specialized and business necessities. We have our business relates in numerous Asian and African nations. We additionally send out our chemical storage tanks in South East Asia and nations of Middle East and Gulf.

Benefits of Acid Storage Tank
  • Incomparable resistance towards exceedingly receptive chemicals
  • Remarkable Corrosion resistance
  • Extremely perfect for capacity, preparing and transport
  • Solid for a very long time
  • Composed and made remembering security
  • Phenomenal Mechanical quality
  • Gravely quality checked and confirmed
  • Worth the price invested in
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