Bottom Conical Storage Tank

Corrotech offer a full scope of Bottom Conical Storage Tanks intended for an assortment of utilizations which are made-up from high review material. These tanks are made for storing specific products and the state of the tank helps most in cleaning. Huge size of the tank made simple to wash well because of its bottom conical shape. It is to a great degree adaptable storage tanks. Our offered Bottom conical storage tanks are the best other option to store results of collection of ventures because of its shape, which settles down the liquids. Due to the conical shape of the tank it is very easy to empty out the product by drainage made convenient. Mainly our tanks are used in wine making industry. It is likewise utilized for a few chemicals for blending, setting and capacity of exceptionally glutinous liquids.

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Our tanks are extremely impervious to chemicals and destructive acids. This extraordinary reason tank is manufactured as a solitary consist piece. This tank is utilized to store chemicals which can be exhausted, when required by means of the conical shaped base entry which encourages finish leakage. Our tanks are butt welded and are outlined, for example, to offer 100% spillage and leakage verification include. Subsequently they are exceptionally solid stockpiling frameworks of unsafe fluids. Our tanks require slightest support and are extremely lucrative. We offer altered base funnel shaped capacity tanks.

Distinctive Components of Bottom Conical Storage Tank
  • Easy rinse due to drainage
  • High tensile strength
  • Equipped with necessary nozzles and flange connections
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Single seamless piece hence no risk of chemical oozing
  • Resistant to chemicals and corrosive acids
  • Very reliable storage systems
  • 100% leakage and seepage proof
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