Batch Pickling Tanks

Batch Pickling Tank

Keeping the variegated demands of customers in mind, we are involved in providing standard quality range of Batch Pickling Tank to our customers. Pickling is the chemical expulsion of rust and scale from steel. In Batch Pickling Tank, all steel to be handled is stacked onto particularly outlined apparatuses for that size of material. All steel is separately isolated to guarantee 100% pickling and rust safeguard scope on all surfaces. One to four installations of like material are consolidated to shape. Every individual tank in our procedure will be loaded with a keep running of steel. An overhead crane is utilized to convey the steel between tanks amid the pickling and rust safeguard handle.

Batch Pickling Plants

The tanks all have a devoted reason to either spotless, wash, pickle, kill or rust ensure the run experiencing them. A whole run takes in the vicinity of 2 to 3 hours. Corrotech Pickling and Processing and QC Metal Pickling can offer constant curl pickling quality utilizing our group framework. This is particularly amazing when you consider the tremendous assortment of material shapes (pads, tubing, structurals, sheets, plates and created parts), surface conditions (anything from new plant races to seriously rusted rescue or auxiliary steel parts that have been put away outside) and steel reviews that may join to make a run. The adaptability of the cluster pickling process permits us acknowledge requests of a truck load or more down to a solitary bit of material realizing that quality, cost and lead time will be steady.

Distinctive Components of Batch Pickling Tank
  • Tanks Joints are practically jointless & erosion Proof
  • Incorporate Environment-friendly high efficiency Fume extraction System
  • Inspected and tested with Imported High Voltage tester
  • Superior FUSION welding at joints makes it 100% leak proof
  • Quality assurance at joints makes it 100% Leak Proof
  • M.S Structures for tank undergoes sandblasting process which strengthen the bonding life between M.S Structure and FRP
  • Available in all dimensions as per customers demand with connections like drain and overflow
  • Tanks are cost effective with minimal rejection and are maintenance free
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